Yes, Virtual Assistants Can Help Medical Providers, Too!

Sharai Johnson
Sharai Johnson


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Helping Medicine

Theoretically, a medical office is the last place that you’d find a Virtual Assistant, but given the large volume of appointments and paperwork, VAs can be incredibly helpful in this setting. 

Within medicine, there are several providers beyond Doctors who could benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant, especially within smaller offices independent of a large corporation that can afford to hire Assistants in-office. Providers such as Physical and Occupational Therapists, Physician Assistants, Home Health Aides, Chiropractors, Hospice Counselors, and Opticians among others provide services and support to their patients in making decisions for healthier lifestyles, and Virtual Assistants can help them mann the pesky administrative tasks that take them away from that.

VAs working for medical offices can be defined as an employee, freelancer, or independent contractor who works online and performs a variety of tasks to help individuals or businesses. Like an in-house Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistants can offer data entry, transcription, scheduling, copywriting, programming, design, and other services, but unlike an in-house Executive Assistant, they typically work at home, and typically never meet their clients in-person. 

In a medical office, VAs can help with scheduling and managing appointments, ordering supplies, maintaining records, and even billing. To fully perform some of these services, your VA may require certifications or training to be HIPAA compliant, but it’s a worthwhile investment for offices that are overloaded and could benefit from hiring a VA. Other ways VAs can help providers is with remote transitioning, which often requires changes in software, data transfers, and an overhaul from keeping paper records to electronic ones.

Overall, hiring a Virtual Assistant in lieu of in-office employees will give you more time with your patients, is less of a financial investment, and will make your practice more efficient. Imagine walking into each of your appointments to treat a patient who was given top tier customer service by your VA, who also collected their paperwork, and processed their billing… there would be so much more time to focus on providing the best treatment options!

And when you hire a Virtual Assistant through WeAssist, we’ll ensure that they’re equipped with the skill set (and certifications) to meet your practice’s needs. After matching you to an experienced VA, we provide tools to increase productivity, simplify project management, and build a long-term relationship. We’re here to support you for up to 6 months after we match you with your Assistant. 

Ready to get matched? Contact Us!

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